Curso de Verano 2017

Summer School - 65 students from ages 4 to 14
Mon thru Sat from 9 AM to 1 PM
Focus:  Dance, Sports, Swimming, Art through recycling
Location: Cetmar - Thank you!
Parent-Community Performance: 10:30 to Noon

Mayra Franco, coordinator, along with a great staff:


Music - Lily Alcántara: she graduated in Social Anthropology and has more than 20 years of experience teaching dance.


Arte y Reciclado - Xilo Foster: she worked at La Cruz Market for two years teaching free craft workshops for children.


Arte y Reciclado - Fiona Foster: Teaching art (painting) classes for the past 1.5 years.


Swimming: Sergio Huerta: official teacher at Cetmar in Recreaciones (swimming and scuba diving).








Summer School - Curso de Verano - 2017

Summer School - Proyecto de Verano - 2016

La Cruz Community Pulls Together to Make Summer Camp a Reality –

By Kevin Donnelly
JUNE 27, 2015


Edgar Duran Duran a music teacher at Colegio Salzmann school in La Cruz had a dream of starting a day camp for La Cruz children this summer. The camp would emphasis five areas; dance, music, sports, art and recycling. With no funds available to him Edgar approached Steve Cross, President of Amigos de la Cruz, for help and guidance.  Steve believed  that the camp was something really needed this summer for the children of La Cruz and a project and a challenge Amigos de la Cruz could certainly assist with. He then asked Edgar to attend a special Amigos de la Cruz meeting to present his ideas. That is all it took as the group rallied to the need and thus begin a full scale fast tracking towards turning Edgar’s dream into a reality.


Joan Gil, an Amigos de la Cruz board member, volunteered to spearhead the fundraising program while other members assisted Edgar with the budgeting and operational functions of the camp. Also attending that same meeting was J. Leopoldo Diaz Abundio (he goes by Polo), who is both the Delegado of La Cruz (an elected office responsible to watch over the welfare of the town) and the Chief Coordinator of Higher Education Technical Program for the La Cruz school district.


In the three short weeks since Edgar met with Amigos de la Cruz, Polo has secured, for free, all the facilities the camp will need for their programs and has signed-up all the high school students required to conduct the camp’s swimming instructional and water safety programs. In that same time period, lead by Joan Gil’s let’s get it done great attitude, one hundred percent of the needed funds for the camp has been raised and all the campers tee shirts and arts and craft supplies have been donated by local business.


Edgar, now officially the Camp Director of Proyecto Verano 2015 (Summer Project 2015) has hired all his camp counselors, mainly teachers from the La Cruz area, and plans to start counselor training a week before the beginning of the camp. Edgar will also assist with Polo’s volunteer high school students in conducting a swimming instructor’s program to insure that these high school students are trained and prepared to safely teach the 100 plus campers attending the camp’s aquatic programs. Depending on swimming skill level, each student will be placed in a beginners, intermediate or advanced swimming instructional programs.


The six days a week (Monday through Saturday) summer camp for children living in La Cruz is scheduled for three weeks beginning on July 20th. The camp will start each day at 9 am and end at 1:30 pm. The cost per child for the entire three week period is 50 pesos.

For further information regarding the camp or to register a child living in La Cruz contact Edger at either his e-mail address: or his cell: 322 131 6089.


PICTURED:  from left to right:

Edgar Duran Duran, high school music teacher and now Camp Director

Steve Cross, President Amigos de la Cruz

J. Leopoldo Diaz Abundio (“Polo”),  Chief Coordinator of Higher Educational Technical Programs and Delegado of La Cruz

Mariana Daniela Osona Milton – age 11

Duan Edel Leyva Santiago – age 8