La Cruz Elementary School (Primaria)


Carmen Tapia seen here with her granddaughter, living in Tucson and Punta Esmeralda, is a recently retired Tucson teacher who is now volunteering at the elementary school in the morning. Working with first and second grade students who are below grade level in reading and writing Spanish, her goal is that all students will be at or above grade level entering third grade.  


Two years ago, Carmen held class under a tree, now the school has given her a classroom.  The room is not much to look at, but with donations and volunteer help, she is turning her classroom into a model, to show other teachers how with little money they can make their classroom a special place.  Already fellow Amigos have provided a file cabinet, laminating, carpet, and offers to paint her classroom.  Email Carmen if you'd like to volunteer or donate materials.  Aug 2016:  She needs easy-reading books in Spanish - fables or moral tales, preferred.



Camen Tapia   

Teaching English at the Octopus's Garden

Pictured are Sue and Dick McIalwain (Seattle and AlaMar), they assist in teaching English at the Octopus's Garden on Tues and Thurs, beginning at 4:30 PM.

Over 90 children are involved in these classes, all children attend at no cost.

If you have any easy readers, or an interest to help Sue and Dick teach English, they could use your help.


Sue & Dick McIalwain